Road Trips 3 1 Oakland 1979 Bonus

12-30-79 was a bonus disc that was sent with early orders of Road Trips Volume 3 Number 1.

Track listingEdit

December 30, 1979:

  1. "New Minglewood Blues" (Noah Lewis)
  2. "Candyman" (Garcia, Hunter)
  3. "Ramble On Rose" (Garcia, Hunter)
  4. "Lazy Lightning" > (Weir, Barlow)
  5. "Supplication" (Weir, Barlow)
  6. "Scarlet Begonias" > (Garcia, Hunter)
  7. "Fire on the Mountain" > (Hart, Hunter)
  8. "Let It Grow" (Weir, Barlow)
  9. "Truckin'" > (Garcia, Phil Lesh, Weir, Hunter)
  10. "Wharf Rat" (Garcia, Hunter)


Grateful DeadEdit


  • Produced by Grateful Dead
  • Photos by Jay Blakesberg

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