View from the Vault, Volume Two (or View from the Vault II) is the second entry in the "View from the Vault" series by the Grateful Dead released June 2001. It was released simultaneously as a three-disk CD and a one-disk DVD. This volume features the June 14, 1991 concert at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium in Washington, D.C., and bonus material from a show at the same venue on July 12, 1990. It is the only Grateful Dead video release featuring Vince Welnick and Bruce Hornsby.

The DVD contains one track that is not on the CD, "Box of Rain", recorded at the 1990 show. It also includes a music video, "Liberty", directed by Justin Kreutzmann, the son of Dead drummer Bill Kreutzmann. The set was certified Gold by the RIAA on February 27, 2003.

Track listingEdit

Disc oneEdit

  1. "Cold Rain And Snow" (trad., arr. Grateful Dead) – 7:00->
  2. "Wang Dang Doodle" (Willie Dixon) – 6:39
  3. "Jack-a-Roe" (trad., arr. Grateful Dead) – 5:48
  4. "Big River" (Johnny Cash) – 5:43->
  5. "Maggie's Farm" (Bob Dylan) – 7:44
  6. "Row Jimmy" (Robert Hunter, Jerry Garcia) – 11:04
  7. "Black-Throated Wind" (John Barlow, Bob Weir) – 7:19
  8. "Tennessee Jed" (Hunter, Garcia) – 7:49->
  9. "The Music Never Stopped" (Barlow, Weir) – 8:55

Disc twoEdit

  1. "Help on the Way" (Hunter, Garcia) – 4:33->
  2. "Slipknot!" (Grateful Dead) – 8:30->
  3. "Franklin's Tower" (Hunter, Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann) – 12:27
  4. "Estimated Prophet" (Barlow, Weir) – 13:08->
  5. "Dark Star" (Hunter, Garcia, Mickey Hart, Kreutzman, Phil Lesh, Ron McKernan, Weir) – 11:29->
  6. "Drums" (Hart, Kreutzman) – 9:54->
  7. "Space" (Garcia, Lesh, Weir) – 6:26->

Disc threeEdit

  1. "Stella Blue" (Hunter, Garcia) – 13:10->
  2. "Turn on Your Love Light" (Deadric Malone, Joseph Scott) – 9:13
  3. "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (Dylan) – 7:16
Bonus tracks from July 12, 1990:
  1. "Victim or the Crime" (Gerrit Graham, Weir) – 8:29->
  2. "Foolish Heart" (Hunter, Garcia) – 10:10->
  3. "Dark Star" (Hunter, Garcia, Hart, Kreutzman, Lesh, McKernan, Weir) – 24:58


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